Thursday, April 05, 2007

Kline townhall meeting

Minnesota Matters had a great interview and discussion about the Congressman Kline's townhall meeting in Lakeville this past Tuesday night.

Jeff Fecke has a good piece over at Minnesota Monitor. An even better piece at Blog of the Moderate Left!
Indeed, that’s why I think the Kline camp’s decision to lock down the media was
so foolish. KMSP ran their report noting the “tightly controlled”
environment of the meeting, instead of anything really positive that came out of
it. Kline could’ve scored some points had he been less fearful of anyone
finding out that he talked to the unwashed masses. Instead, the story that
ran on the networks was that Kline was afraid of the unwashed masses.

A good candidate will be able to capitalize on Kline's fears and his foolish maneuvers.

Christopher Truscott has done his homework as well!

Kline's people contend that this is the 47th townhall meeting in the District since Kline has been elected to Congress, I believe that's what I heard. However, from what I recall as well, it's the first to be done live and in person, versus the phone conferences he traditionally has.

Chris is right, who's going to step forward in the 2nd?

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Michael M said...

Kline's folks claim 25 Town Hall meetings. A caller to the Minnesota Matters show thought it was 47. Truth is this is the first face-to-face, open-topic, large-scale town hall meeting he's had.