Saturday, April 21, 2007

Local Iraq War LTE

Chad Tschimperle from Cokato wrote a LTE in the Enterprise Dispatch this week. Chad is a local laborer with strong DFL roots.

Leave Iraq!

From: Chad Tschimperle, Cokato

I have noticed lately that there haven’t been any letters concerning the Iraq War. What’s up?

Doesn’t anyone have an opinion on the Bush/Cheney/neo-conservative policy of taking over and occupying Iraq?

After all, it has cost our country the deaths of more than 3,000 soldiers, thousands more wounded and maimed for life, billions and billions of our tax dollars (all borrowed from China), and in the opinion of many, our reputation as world leaders.

I support the Iraq War funding bill that calls for the withdrawal of our troops by the fall of 2008.

The reign of President Bush and his gang is ending. So should their war.

Support our troops! Bring them home!

Excellent work Chad!

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