Friday, April 20, 2007

Scared for his political life

Listening to Minnesota Matters on AM 950 last night, and their discussion of Norm Coleman (Christian Sande was great on Wednesday too, talking about the US Attorney situation), I began to ponder the GOP and indirectly, Norm Coleman's response to Al Franken's campaign.

They are scared, scared out of their minds.

Since Carey and the Minnesota Republicans are so bent around labels, imagine the political life of a man who lost to a wrester/actor, Jesse Ventura, and a comedian/actor/radio host, Al Franken?

I can't wait...

1 comment: said...

Coleman may be coming to the realization, much too late in the game, that it would have been better if he hadn't given in EVERY SINGLE TIME the White House called a certain issue worthy of a "party loyalty" vote.

A Republican can make that vote and come out clean as long as they don't try to be the hero. Coleman has gone on the floor of the Senate and spoken nonsense far too often for the sake of the WH and his party, and THAT is what Franken is going to eat him up over.

These debates are going to be memorable! Franken has the issues so hardwired into his brain at this point, that I don't think there's a Republican out there who would look forward to debating him.