Monday, April 02, 2007

Swiggum rants in the St Cloud Times

Darth Sidious, aka, the Evil Emperor, aka, former Speaker of the House, State Rep Steve Swiggum had a LTE in the SC Times today.

For us Star Wars geeks out there ( I saw the original in a theater in Grand Forks, ND), I hum the evil emperor music / Darth Vader music when I see Swiggum on TV. It's kind of fun.

Speaker Swiggum doesn't like what DFLers are doing.

Swiggum does have some key issues identified though:

1. Property tax reform
2. Education enhancements
3. Equity in nursing home reimbursements.

Recall that property taxes skyrocketed under then Speaker Swiggum's rule in the Minnesota House and under Governor Pawlenty's first term. Minnesota Republican campaign promises outlined a whole $100 reduction in property taxes.

The DFL plan we have seen outlined will provide more relief towards Minnesota's senior citizens, others on fixed incomes, and those in lower income occupations. Simply put, the DFL plan is reflective of ones ability to pay. It's a more equitable system.

What are "education enhancements" in Mr. Swiggum's terminology? Will he be so bold as to offer real reforms in the K-12 funding formula?

Lastly, we can all agree that reimbursement rates in Greater Minnesota for not just nursing homes. Child care, mental health, dental care, and other social programs have vastly insufficient reimbursement rates in Greater Minnesota than in the Metro area.

It gets me to what moderates in Greater Minnesota are sick and tired of.

Finger pointing and excuses.

Under Republican control, we were witness to degrading social programs all across Greater Minnesota. We saw our transportation infrastructure become a pot hole ridden, tire and suspension destroying burden on Greater Minnesotan's.

We did not like the roller coaster ride jerking us hard to the right.

However, many out here in Greater Minnesota are also weary of the tax increases that could be coming our way soon. Perhaps these have been overplayed by righty bloggers and the mainstream media, I don't know. It's still too early to truly see the impact of tax increases.

But the people out here don't really like being jerked hard to left either.

What Minnesotan's want is a smoother ride, less ups and downs. We heard all of our locally elected officials state that they have tremendous abilities to work in either the minority or the majority.

I think it's time to put those words to action.

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Ross Perot:

Modern politics has become little more than shirking responsibility and blaming somebody else.