Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Boundary Waters Blog

I love the BWCA. Words cannot begin to explain the beauty of the BWCA. Northern Lights take on a different view. The water is clear and pure. The air is crisp. The memories are vivid.

The fires on the Gunflint this year evoke memories of one of our best trips up there. We went in on Round Lake and spent several days camped out on Peter Lake. We had a kick ass camp site and saw no one for 4 days. It was pretty surreal...watching satelites cross the sky at night.

I came across the Boundary Waters Blog looking for stories on the fire up there.

Check it's a first hand account of what's going on up there!

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Brad said...

If you are a lover of the Boundary Waters as I you should read The Root Beer Lady by Bob Carey and please visit the site

Northern Minnesota is a secret haven, a secret reality from a past life when things were simple and life was pure. Dorothy Molter should live on through all of us.