Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wake Up Wright County: Post Game!

Well over a hundred progressive Democrats met for a buffet breakfast at the Monticello VFW today in the first Wake Up Wright County event.

I must say, the bacon was pretty good.

Al Franken was the show today! I found his mix of humor and policy to be refreshing. As a Veteran, I appreciate Franken's work on USO tours. Since 1999 Franken has been on 9 USO tours. He was quick to point out that these tours are not simply a fly in and fly out kind of gig. He would go to Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan for weeks at a time, talking to the troops.

Senator Coleman goes on the "dog and pony shows" to Iraq. On the 2007 Armed Forces Day, Franken made it crystal clear for those that do not know Coleman's record on Veterans issues...

The Senator sucks on Veterans issues. He earned a D from IAVA and a low rating of 40 by the Disabled American Veterans group.

And Coleman had the audacity to attack Senator Wellstone on Veterans issues.

Which brings me to another excellent point, that Bluewoman pointed out to me as we were drving back from the event.

Franken never mentioned Wellstone until the Q&A session where he received a question about the Iraq War.

I found that to be interesting. He's a guy who is passionate about restoring honor to "Wellstone's seat". Yet, he is working hard to create his own niche in politics. Bluewoman is right...and I liked that aspect of the speech.

It seems it took Franken a bit longer to create his 48 state map today. I had heard through the grapevine that he could do it in under 3 minutes. Lots of heckling going on though...

"Iowa's too big"

"Texas is too big"

It was an excellent map and brought Wright County Democrats nearly $200 in the auction.

Franken did well today. I can't wait to see Mike Ciresi out here as well.

I was also able to talk to Bob Hill today, the only announced candidate versus Congresswoman Bachmann. I did not know a lot about Mr Hill until today and I did walk away impressed. He has a firm handle on the issues that matter most to those of us in Greater Minnesota, is well spoken, and has energy. I could feel the passion coming from him and walked away very impressed.

Otherwise, it was a great day in Monticello for Democrats. The Wright County Convention went very well, we have new officers for the coming 2 years, including myself as the County secretary.

I'm excited to work with the Democrats in 19 to help organize Delano, Buffalo, Monticello, Rockford and other towns to fire Tom Emmer, Bruce Anderson, Amy Koch, Dean Urdahl, and others.

BTW, anyone wanna bet Senator Coleman has no idea what a DFAC is?

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