Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Dr Banaian sent an apology yesterday for his SCSU Scholars post this past weekend's fit of rage and his verbal assault of a student.

In a previous post, Dr Banaian labeled me as "political actor". Those listening to AM 1280 last weekend witnessed the true political actor in the group. He prepped for the show last Saturday knowing he was going to blow his fuse on me. It was political acting at its finest.

Which makes me ponder the issues of accountability behind this case.

Had Hal identified himself as a returning student before our Saturday broadcast,
I would have hesitated on running the story and would certainly have been more
tempered in my discussion of his role;

First off, I am a current student, not a returning student.

Also, recall that I was out of town this past weekend. The statement above indicates that Dr. Banaian was prepped beforehand to erupt on air.

Why was it my responsibility to inform Dr Banaian beforehand, before he acted like a fool on air, that I was a current student? As Michael at MDE put it, "we just want you to come for a discussion about the Board of Trustee's issue".

I've been around truly was an ambush waiting to happen.

Michael Brodkorb posts that neither myself or Jeff Fecke cannot provide a source.

Let's be clear, I have 3 rock solid sources on the case, each tie this story together in a pretty neat bow.

I can provide Brodkorb with sources, I simply won't.

And this is the presumptuous nature of the conservative bloggers.

I was supposed to notify Dr Banaian of my enrollment status before he harassed me on air?

I am supposed to provide a political operative with the rock solid sources I have on the Trustee Story?

I know I was gone for 5 days, but who died an put Brodkorb in charge of the internet, the blogosphere?

The truth is, conservative bloggers are still scrambling to find where this has come from...and a week later, they are no closer to solving the puzzle.

Incidently, Larry Schumacher at the SC Times has posted about it as well.


Minnesota Democrats Exposed said...


I don't believe you have a source that can back-up the statement that Hellier is the favorite choice of Governor Pawlenty.

Governor Pawlenty hasn't announced his decision yet and I haven't been able to find a direct or indirect quote where Governor Pawlenty said Hellier is his favored pick.

I don't believe you have a source.

johnnie78 said...


What is the process after TPaw makes his nomination?

Blue man said...

Thanks Michael, I frankly don't care what you believe and don't believe. I have rock solid sources on this.

Johnnie...once appointed the Trustee serves on the board and in the past has been confirmed in the Senate at a later time. It's usually a non-controversial issue.