Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Breaking around the District

Soldiers from Litchfield and surrounding communities are deploying to Iraq...again. Governor Pawlenty will most likely make his way out into the flyover areas to wish our troops the best.

I bet Urdahl keeps him off of County Road 22, too many potholes for the Governor. He'll stick to Highway 12.

Glencoe is losing some jobs. 25 jobs are expected to leave. It also follows job reductions at Starkey Labs and Bosch-Telex Communications.

The biggest economic hit will be felt in Hutchinson though. Hutchinson Technology is laying off 500 workers, 225 in the Hutchinson facility.

If you travel through small town Greater Minnesota, stop to check out the abundance of vacancy's in Howard Lake, Dassel, Cokato, Glencoe, Stewart, and Brownton.

Our rural economies are slowly but surely dying...and some seem to think our elected leaders are doing a great job in St Paul.

Although Mr. Glennie tends to write from a conservative side, I do enjoy his writings, his opinion and do side with him from time to time.

I do not on this instance.
Freshman House member Ron Shimanski, R-Silver Lake, did exactly what was
expected of a minority member of the Minnesota House of Representatives - he
voted party line and stood behind Gov. Tim Pawlenty, also a Republican, as the
governor vetoed bill after bill placed on his desk.

Shimanski made no bones about it. He was there to support the governor to
ensure that the large DFL majorities in both the House and Senate could not
override those vetoes without support of some Republican legislators. He was not
going to be one of them.

Wow. Shimanski joined the ranks of his tag team Rep in SD 18 and put politics before the people. Shimanski's duty, as an elected leader, was to support his constituents first, his party and Governor second. Clearly he has put his party and his political future before the people.

A LTE in the Dassel Cokato Enterprise Dispatch also caught my eye this week.

His commentary centered around the debate of the "separation of church and state". While the retired pastor commented on the passing of Jerry Falwell he also makes a very distinct point, as a retired Lutheran pastor.
The pulpit should be for proclaiming the Word of God. Never should a minister
use the pulpit to support a political candidate or party.

Concise and well said!

Speaking of religion and politics, Congresswoman Bachmann had a LTE in the Annandale Advocate as well.
We can continue our steadfast support for the men and women whose lives are in
danger as well as those who have returned home after long tours abroad -
soldiers who fought to keep us safe today as well as in years past - by keeping
the promises we've made to them: by providing them with the benefits to which
they are entitled in the years following service - all priorities of Congress
this year.

Perhaps Katherine Kersten and Congresswoman Bachmann should get on the same sheet of music!

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