Sunday, June 03, 2007

Drunken sailors?

Rep Marty Seifert likes to rant that Democrats spend money like drunken sailors. It would appear as though things are not on the "up and up" and at the Minnesota Republican Party Headquarters.

The Strib is reporting some issues in the "fiscally responsible" parties finance reporting practices. In addition to some shady finance reporting issues, it appears as though leadership within the party has ignored the concerns of it's staff and actually retaliated at those who have come forward.

Although I cannot be surprised with the GOP's issues with fiscal responsibility, they don't believe that inflation impacts the expense side of the ledger.

The departures included former finance director and GOP stalwart Dwight
Tostenson. He wrote in a Feb. 15 confidential memo that state GOP chairman Ron
Carey fired him after he repeatedly pressed the chairman to address what he
regarded as serious financial problems in the state GOP office.

It would appear as though Ron Carey is the punch drunk sailor on a powertrip.

I am anxiously awaiting Andy Aplikowski's response to this Carey story. In light of other recent Carey scandal's and a multiple lackluster election cycles that saw Democrats seize control of the Minnesota House, a failed US Senate race, and the loss of a Congressional race, I would be shocked if Carey survived next weekend.

This last story of corruption should be enough for any common sense delegate to send Carey packing.

It's a lot easier being a Colonel and giving orders to people who, if they fail to fulfill said order, they can be punished, fined and jailed.

Congratulations Joe Repya, and welcome to the real world of inside baseball politics.

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lloydletta said...

It will be interesting to see how the delegates respond. The Carey campaign has responded by saying this is a Strib plot to interfere in GOP internal politics. I've got the response posted on Lloydletta.