Sunday, June 17, 2007

Minnesota National Guard shortchanged logistically

The SC Times has the story.
National Guard units in 31 states say that after four years of deployment
in Iraq and Afghanistan, they have 60 percent or less of their authorized
equipment, a USA Today review has found.

Eighteen of those 31 states, including Minnesota, report having half or
fewer of the vehicles, aircraft, radios, weapons and other items they are
authorized to have for home-front uses, the 50-state review found.

Less than half of their standard equipment. It's quite disturbing actually. Floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters often require the support of the National Guard to assist in the recovery operations.

It also has a negative impact on training when these soldiers are back during their recovery time. Reports out of the 3rd Infantry Division (Active Duty) at Fort Stewart indicate that many soldiers are unable to train on equipment they will actually use in Iraq, because of shortages and needed repairs to deployed equipment.

It stands to be an issue decades after the quagmire in Iraq ends. The cost of conducting a full re-fit of our entire military will ensure that the military industrial complex continues to profit heavily while the American taxpayer suffers.

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