Friday, June 15, 2007

More VA issues

Problems at 3 Seattle area hospitals described as "an immediate threat to life".

It appears as though during routine inspections to the psychiatric wards, inspectors found items that could allow a patient to harm themselves or others.

Another story grabbing headlines at the Startribune informs us that the Army is increasing its mental health professionals by 25%.
"As the war has gone on, PTSD and other psychological effects of war have
increased,'' said Col. Elspeth Ritchie, psychiatry consultant to the Army
surgeon general.

"The number of (mental health workers) that was adequate for a
peacetime military is not adequate for a nation that's been at war,'' she said
in an interview.

I strong disagree with the notion that the the DOD and VA have had enough mental health counselors before this war. I have too many friends that have struggled to cope and gain access for the system to be adequately staffed.

One last story at Stars and Stripes provides us with greater insight on low disability compensation for our nations Veterans.
a 25-year-old veteran who returned from war 100 percent disabled from physical
wounds and was rated as unemployable by the VA began receiving $28,352 a year in disability compensation using 2005 rates. That amount was more than $11,000
short of the $39,447 needed annually to stay even with nondisabled peers, the
study found.

Although, it's tough for me to fathom the concept of "overcompensation" for a Veteran.

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