Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A pothole on every road

Pawlenty's promise as the VP candidate in 2008.

The SC Times has a story up about the degraded condition of our state's roadways.
the percentage of lower-volume roads in “poor” condition is at its highest level
on record

We didn't need that 5 cent gas tax increase Dean Urdahl. I'm sure glad you voted for it before you voted against it!

Why the outrage with a 5 cent increase and yet lessor outrage and no changes in driving habits when gas increases randomly, recently as high as 36 cents in one day?

Would you wait years to paint your house, allow it to become mold ridden before making an investment? Or just sell it and build a new one after 10 years?

Most responsible individuals would keep their home in good condition, make repairs before they become pricey, dangerous, and burdensome.

Too bad our transportation policy cannot embrace a similar standard.

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