Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bachmann votes against College Students

H/T to my favorite paid political operative. You know who you are!

Congresswoman Bachmann voted against the College Cost Reduction Act of 2007. I'll give you two guesses to figure out who the second Minnesota Congressional member to vote against this legislation was...but you'll probably only need one...

Congressman Kline voted no too...

I wonder if Bachmann consulted Luke Hellier before yet another disastrous vote in Congress?

So, what did Congresswoman Bachmann oppose?

HR 2669 would

Provide significant increases to Pell Grants, increasing the maximum award by $500 over the next five years. The Pell Grant is the nation's premier college access program but has remained stagnant in recent years even in the face of rising college cost. About 6 million low- and moderate-income students would benefit from the legislation. Combined with other increases, the College Cost Reduction Act will help the maximum Pell Grant reach $5,200 by 2010.

Link loan repayment to income for all borrowers allowing them to make payments based on their capacity to pay. Income-based repayment will protect a variety of students from unmanageable debt: those who want to pursue critical low-paying public service careers or non profit work, and graduates who face a change in their life circumstances such as having children or dealing with grave illness will see relief.

Lower interest rates for low and middle-income borrowers from 6.8% to 3.4% over the next five years. It has been reported that this measure would save the average borrower $4,400 over the life of their loans.

Increase the income protection allowance for all students. This change removes disincentives for students to work while in school, enabling them to make better financial choices while they are in college.

The legislation would also prevent student borrowers from facing unmanageable levels of federal student debt by guaranteeing that borrowers will never have to spend more than 15 percent of their yearly discretionary income on loan repayments and by allowing borrowers in economic hardship to have their loans forgiven after 20 years.

Invest in Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions and minority serving institutions.

Colleges and universities would also be directly impacted by the bill, it includes "state maintenance of effort" language that addresses state appropriations levels for colleges and universities, and creates a system by which colleges would be added to a list if their tuition increases exceed a certain level, with a few exemptions. There is also a new incentive program established in the bill that creates a new grant for Pell Grant recipients if they attend an institution whose net tuition increase is equal to or less than the percentage change in the higher education price index.

Why is Bachmann against Historically Black Colleges and Universities?

Why doesn't she support our students in need of Pell Grants?

Why doesn't she support manageable interest rates for lower and middle class Americans attending colleges and universities?

It's time for constituents in the 6th CD to wake up! Congresswoman Bachmann has failed to represent the interests of this district and its constituents time and time again.

I'm excited to see Bob Hill push the Congresswoman on all of these issues!

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