Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kiffmeyer robs the taxpayers!

For Big Lake Republicans, the week just continues to get a bit worse.

The Startribune reports that former Secretary of State, Mary Kiffmeyer not only overpaid her staff the final two years of her reign as SoS, was also overpaid for mileage reimbursements and asked for reimbursement on at least 17 occasions where such reimbursement was not appropriate.
In dollar terms, the most significant finding involved 16 department employees who were hired at a pay rate that exceeded their collective bargaining agreement by as much as $11 an hour, costing the state $160,000.

After a 17th employee was promoted, the employee was overpaid by $11,000.

No one disputes the value of the great staff at the Secretary of State offices, but Kiffmeyer took a page out of the GOP playbook and disregarded standard protocols.

We've never heard that one before...

Even more disturbing, Kiffmeyer sought payment for travel she was not authorized for, not just once...but 17 times!

In her defense, perhaps she was travelling to the various Indian Reservations across the state in an effort to patch things up after suppressing their vote in the 2004 election.

Former State Auditor, Pat Anderson, noted that current Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie, was fulfilling the requirements for these pay increases.

The Kiffmeyer case adds some drama to the GOP dealings in 16B. While Mark Olson has said he will not resign following being found guilty on one count of domestic assault, he will have a difficult time maintaining his House seat in the 2008 elections.

Mary Kiffmeyer was rumored to be a suitable replacement...but that seems to be tarnished right now as well.

It could be worse for Big Lake Republicans though...we could have a Senator Vitter situation to deal with!

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