Monday, July 02, 2007

Media bias in campaign contributions

Brodkorb got me thinking a bit on his recent post about Alix Kendall, Fox 9 News Morning co-anchor.

Apparently she did not know that her contribution to the Franken campaign would be public knowledge. Fair enough. While MSNBC is concerned about who is reporting the news and their political leanings, I am more concerned with the ownership of mainstream media and their political leanings.

Enter Stanley Hubbard.

Hubbard started Hubbard Broadcasting Corporation and owns television and radio stations across 4 states.

In Minnesota his company owns KSTP Channel 5 in the Twin Cities, KSAX Channel 42 in Alexandria, KRWF Channel 43 in Redwood Falls, KAAL Channel 6 in Austin/Mason City, Iowa, WDIO Channel 10 in Duluth, WIRT Channel 13 in Hibbing, and KSTC Channel 45 in the Twin Cities.

Radio stations owned by Hubbard Broadcasting Corp include local talk radio giant AM 1500 KSTP St. Paul, Minnesota, KS95, an adult contemporary FM station, WFMP 107.1 FM – Coon Rapids, Minnesota/Twin Cities, talk radio for women and WIXK 1590 AM, New Richmond, Wisconsin, Country music.

As the President for Hubbard Broadcasting Inc, Hubbard has been a large political campaign contributor. While he has given to Senator Klobuchar, Jim Oberstar and others, the vast amount of Hubbards contributions go to Republicans.

Since 2002, Hubbard has given at least:

$50,250 to the National Republican Congressional Committee

$42,500 to the National Republican Senate Committee

$15,800 to Congressman John Kline

$15,100 to Congressman Mark Kennedy

$11,200 to Senator Norm Coleman (not including $18,000 to Coleman's Victory Committee non-federal account)

$10,900 to Congressman Gil Gutenecht

$4250 to Congressman Jim Ramstad

$4600 to Rudy Giulani


$6,600 to Congresswoman Bachmann.

No wonder KSTP was all over the Hatch comments before the 06 elections!

So, while some may worry about how newscasters such as Alix Kendall, and whether or not she has the ability to remain impartial (which I believe), I am more concerned with those at the top, and their influence over Minnesota's political scene.

The numbers do not lie, Stanley Hubbard has significant influence, over both the media, and the political scene in Minnesota.


Frank said...

Blueman, I think we have similar concerns, although we express them differently. Please see my my blog at

Too many special interests filtering the message. Fortunately, I'm a blueman living in a blue state

Matt said...

haha. just reading about the latest franken push poll and googled this article...

things just never change.