Sunday, July 08, 2007

More on Hellier

The cool cats at I Don't Hate America have a great posts up about Luke Hellier's candidacy on the MnSCU Board of Trustee's.
DJ has been doing an excellent job covering Minnesota politics, especially the whole controversy surrounding Luke Hellier. I served in the student organization (MSUSA) which endorsed candidates Ezra Kazee and Adam Weigold. I can personally attest to the quality of both men who serve students at MnSCU schools with passion. To see our Governor show interest into a candidate not even at a MnSCU school displays the lack of commitment to the reason a student representative serves on the board of trustees in the first place. Students need proper representation from someone who knows what they are going through and has a record for doing everything they can for student interests. Adam and Ezra both fit the profile, Luke does not.

The King and the Korb make this out to be a partisan witch hunt. I remind the readers that the segment before King lost his top, they were talking about Barkley's profile and the need for Republicans to do everything they can to secure elections.

Katherine Kersten has a different opinion of and dating sites.

I've regaled my kids with tales of the sometimes hair-raising experiences I had
with men I encountered while searching for a mate in younger days.

My eyes are still burning a bit...

Back to Hellier...

Being conservative does not disqualify Hellier to serve on the MnSCU Board.

His lack of experience in a public higher education setting make him unqualified.

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