Sunday, July 01, 2007

No appointment yet...

It's July 1st, do you know who your new student trustee to the MnSCU Board is? Governor Pawlenty has not made an announcement yet.

One interesting item I stumbled across this past weekend...

Hellier was paid more than $16,000 for his work with Congresswoman Bachmann in the past election cycle.

Are we ready for a private college, political operative to represent 4 year students on the MnSCU Board?

Another interesting tidbit...

We all know the controversy surrounding the Koch Industries / MinnCan pipeline being forced down the throats of Minnesota's farmers.

In Minnesota's Congressional Delegation, Koch Industries is a top contributor to both Congresswoman Bachmann and Congressman Kline.

Looking at the map, it's no wonder why Koch Industries would want to buy off Congresswoman Bachmann and Congressman Kline, the pipeline runs through the heart of each of their districts.

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