Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Army Suicide rates skyrocket!

From the "I freakin told you so" pile...

Army Suicide rates are the highest in 26 years!

But what are our elected leaders going to do about this?

Congresswoman Bachmann? Nothing!

Congressman Kline? Nothing!

Senator Coleman? Nothing!

"In addition, there was a significant relationship between suicide attempts and number of days deployed" in Iraq, Afghanistan or nearby countries where troops are participating in the war effort, it said. The same pattern seemed to hold true for those who not only attempted, but succeeded in killing themselves.

There also "was limited evidence to support the view that multiple ... deployments are a risk factor for suicide behaviors," it said.

So not only is "the surge" not working, some evidence shows that it causes a higher suicide rate amongst Veterans.

It also has had an adverse impact on women serving in forward areas.

About twice as many women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan committed suicide as did women not sent to war, the report said.

So as Veterans are committing suicide in record numbers, what will the chickenhawk Republican elected officials do now? Will they continue to support Bush's failed policy in Iraq? Will they continue to put politics before the people?

Congresswoman Bachmann continues to be a staunch supporter of a failed plan.

"I'm glad to see evidence of recent improvements in Iraq, but there needs to be
more," she said. "Gen. (David) Petraeus, our commander on the ground, will
report to Congress in September about the progress of the new surge strategy and
the challenges that remain. Like many Americans, I look forward to his candid

I read this report, and while fully realized the enormity of the situation, am still fighting to grasp the reality of seeing it in print.

It's more than a candid assessment!

Congresswoman Bachmann has been invited to a forum to discuss Iraq.

Bachmann has been invited to a town-hall meeting at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 28 at St.
Cloud State University's Atwood Center to discuss Iraq, he said

100:1 Bachmann is a no show!

Remember, at least 15 Minnesota Veterans have committed suicide...and Congresswoman Bachmann remains silent, unwilling to speak to the constituents of the 6th CD about Iraq.

I wonder if Mr Brodkorb will chide the Congresswoman for ditching a townhall meeting? I am sure it would be a fairer discussion than the Taxpayers League shenanigans in 28B!

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