Friday, August 17, 2007

Celebrating 40 years of Student Advocacy

40 years and growing!

The Minnesota State University Student Association, a student organization I was a part of for about 3 years, is celebrating it's 40th Anniversary on September 18th 2007!

MSUSA is holding a 4oth Anniversary event at their new office, at 23 Empire Drive in St Paul.

I think we ought to hold it at 106 and 108 Como Ave for old times sake...but I don't get to make those decisions anymore!

What is MSUSA? MSUSA is a student governed, professionally staffed, non-profit organization that organizes students across Minnesota, advocating for students at the MnSCU system and State and Federal Legislative levels.

Over 40 years, MSUSA has evolved into one of the strongest statewide student organizations in the United States!

So, on September 18th, alumni, friends and supporters of MSUSA will gather for to celebrate the past and prepare for the future!

To RSVP for this great event, call the MSUSA office at 651-224-1518 or email Kari at

I sure hope Abe shows up!

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