Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Election Day in 28B

Joe at Minnesota Campaign Report has a post up now about the race. While the seat has been held by a Republican for nearly 3 decades, Joe points out some recent special election trends mixed with the current political scene in Minnesota.
The district is relatively conservative if one looks solely at election numbers, but the DFL has made significant inroads in rural areas of Minnesota, especially in the southern part of the state, in recent elections. The rapid election schedule has also been impacted by the I-35 bridge collapse, turning a spotlight on transit funding issues in both urban and rural parts of the state.

Like St Cloud in 05, where Republicans held firm control over most of the legislative seats in the area, Southern Minnesota and 28B are poised for change!

Ollie Ox at Bluestem Prairie talks about Drazkowski's unwillingness to fully express exactly where he is on the gas tax issue.

Ollie ends her report by asking the question voters across 28B ought to be asking themselves before they go to the polls today.
Other than wanting to get elected, does The Draz know where he stands?

Voters in 28B know where Linda Pfeilsticker stands on the issues...

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