Monday, August 20, 2007

A local LTE on transportation

From the Startribune. I wonder if Dean Urdahl is paying attention? Will his flip flop on transportation cost him anything in 2008?


Inflation took a toll

Since the bridge collapse, writers to these pages have been critical of calls to increase the state's gas tax -- which, it bears continuous repeating, has not been increased in almost two decades. Some claim that all we need do is "prioritize" our spending options and all will be well. This suggested course of action, deceptive in its simplicity, is what has us in our current predicament.
We have spent the last 15 years prioritizing our transportation projects precisely because our revenue has not kept up with our ability to pay. While some may disagree, having the courage to ask Minnesota motorists to chip in a little more per gallon must be a part of the overall solution.


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beebs said...

Higher taxes just get thrown into the gaping maw of government.

Did anyone hear that one possible cause of the bridge collapse was pigeons and their dung?