Friday, September 14, 2007

Bob Olson press release on Bush's speech

Olson Responds to President's Speech

For Immediate Release

ST. CLOUD – Bob Olson, a DFL candidate in the 6th Congressional District, released the following statement after President Bush's speech on Iraq:

"Gen. Petraeus did what we expected this week. He honestly tried to explain what it would take to carry out President Bush's flawed policy in Iraq.

"The issue before us now is the president's unwillingness to face the realities on the ground and redeploy American forces out of a bloody religious civil war.

"Since 2003 our troops have toppled a brutal dictator, liberated millions and set the stage for democracy in Iraq. They have long-since achieved the success of which the president spoke tonight, now it's time for Iraqis to do the same.

"No matter how much President Bush may wish otherwise, we cannot force the Baghdad government to accept responsibility for its people, which was a term the president set forth in January when he announced the troop 'surge.' We cannot keep changing our goals each time Iraqi leaders fail to act.

"Our troops have done all the Bush administration has asked and more. They now deserve an exit strategy, not an open-ended commitment to a quagmire."

Olson Iraq Op-ed (St. Cloud Times; Saturday, Aug. 25, 2007):

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