Monday, October 01, 2007

Why I support Bob Olson for Congress

I support Bob Olson for Congress because:

I'm a Veteran and cannot stand political leaders who waver on the war in Iraq.
I'm a college student and want a leader who understands Congress' role in helping keep college affordable for working and middle class Minnesotans.
I'm a tax payer and support a real tax attorney, not a IRS Enforcement Agent posing as a tax attorney.
I'm a former candidate who will run again soon! Most campaigns swoop in with their outsiders and rob local races of much needed volunteer support and money. Olson's grassroots efforts build our party, not dismantle it every election cycle.
I'm pro-union.
I support the family farmer and sustainable energy.
I am a strong Democrat, as verified by the VAN :)
I am pro-choice.
I support same sex marriage. This is a human rights issue!

Lastly, and the most important reason I support Bob Olson...

I want to win in the 6th and Bob Olson gives us the best shot at unseating Michele Bachmann.

Social moderates lose in the 6th. Janet Roberts lost to Mark Kennedy in 2002 getting only 35% of the vote. People who vote on social conservatism will vote for Bachmann. I don't want a repeat of 02.

Elwyn Tinklenberg is a good man, but I do not think he is the right person at the right time.

Olson is straight forward on the issues that matter most to me. He has never wavered on the war in Iraq. He is a man of conviction.

Tinklenberg's position on Iraq is an excuse. For Veterans, he shows no leadership. He would have supported President Bush's decision, "based on the information at the time".

Wellstone, Dayton, Oberstar, McCollum, and Sabo had the courage to vote no. Olson would have as well, Tinklenberg would have voted to send 3,800 soldiers to their deaths.

Tinklenberg has vast experience on transportation issues. However, some will view his rant hours after the concrete he failed to fully fund fell hundreds of feet into the Mississippi River, a case of CYA.
Finally, while on the subject of Minnesota transportation commissioners, one of the lowlights this past week was former Jesse Ventura Administration Commissioner of Transportation Elwyn Tinklenberg. Mere hours after the bridge went down, he was being interviewed on KARE-11 TV (our local NBC affiliate) standing in front of the dark Capitol building blathering (there is no better word) about MnDOT's "constant deterioration of the budget, constant layoffs, failure to replace people," etc. Most of what he said was not only not true, but it was crass in the immediate aftermath of the bridge falling down. And for the record, the collective opinion on Tinklenberg in the transportation job was much worse than Molnau's.

Why did he say in May he was not running, but then decide, after the 35W bridge collapse, to run in the 6th?

May was too close to the last election, but October is just right? Sorry, I just don't get it...

I have some problems with the ambiguity of Tinklenberg's stances on Iraq and the social issues.

Back to Bob!

Bob Olson is brilliant. Seeing him work the room at the Founders Day event was great. He had a witty sense of humor that immediately breaks down a barrier between a candidate and a potential supporter.

Bob is a subject matter expert on Sustainable Energy issues and the tax code. Seeing him speak about these issues gave me goosebumps. He was well reasoned, attentive, and articulate.

Sustainable Energy sources in the 6th would mean jobs. It would spur an economy that the SC Times has recently noted that the St Cloud area is 40% likely to fall into a recession in 2008.

Olson gets it, he understands that Wall Street looks great, while Main St rural Central Minnesota is suffering.

I support Bob Olson because I know where he stands and will not waver in the strong political winds that blow through the 6th.

Simply put, he's the right candidate at the right time.

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