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Bachmann and hard work? (updated)

CQ politics had an interesting article this week about the race in the 6th. Lots of good stuff there but the comments by Larry Jacobs caught my eye.
According to Lawrence Jacobs, a leading analyst of Minnesota politics, the strongly conservative Bachmann will face a competitive race. “Bachmann’s been working hard because she knows she’s getting a challenge,” said Jacobs, who directs the University of Minnesota’s Center for Politics and Governance.

Working hard? Really? Since when?

Recall that before the session even began that Congresswoman Bachmann complained openly about the Congressional 5 day work week, replacing the strenuous 3 day work week in the previously Republican controlled Congress.

Her work ethic in the Minnesota Senate was lackluster at best.
Bachmann had the lightest workload of any Senator when she was here. She was notorious for showing up at committee meetings to sign in, and then leaving. Her legislative aides often covered committee hearings for her. That's the kind of representation we became accustomed to in SD 52, so it will comes as no surprise that Bachmann would be distressed at the schedule of a member of Congress.

Her work in Congress is equally as difficult. She serves on one committee in Congress, the Financial Services Commitee. While Congressman Ellison held forums in Minnesota discussing the enormous foreclosure problems in Minnesota, Bachmann did nothing. Nothing but support her high profile finance industry contributors.

Her support for the finance industry lobby was solidified on her against the College Cost Reduction Act

GOP spin doctor Rich Dunn comments on Bachmann's "hard work".
“Mr. Tinklenberg has tried and failed in the past, but we’ll find out next spring if the [Democratic Party] wants him back,” said Bachmann spokesman Rich Dunn. “In the meantime, Michele is constantly in the community meeting with constituents, she’s building a record that’s in sync with the District, and she has the resources necessary to run successfully.”

Really? Sorry Rich.

Congressman Walz has real constituent outreach. While serving on 3 important committee's, House Ag, Veterans, and Transportation committees, Congressman Walz still has open forums throughout the Fighting First for constituents to share their opinions.

Congressman Walz has two open forums today discussing the war in Iraq.

Congressman Walz will seek constituents' opinions on the wars in Iraq and

Saturday, October 13

Noon Dakota Meadows Middle School Cafeteria 1900 Howard St. North Mankato, MN

4:00 p.m. Rochester Public Library Auditorium101 2nd St., SE Rochester, MN

Congresswoman Bachmann has teleconferences that are not open and publicly announced.

Bachmann's relationship with the mainstream media is non-existent as well. Instead of taking the time to talk to the Strib, St Cloud Times and other mainstream local media outlets, Bachmann chose to talk to right wing pundit, Jason Lewis, to explain her recent vote against kids.

In reality, it's about Bachmann's efforts to get re-elected to Congress in 08. By avoiding the mainstream media and feeding soundbites to those on the fringes of the GOP base, Bachmann controls her message.

By controlling who gets access to her teleconferences, as opposed to Congressman Walz townhall meetings, she controls the message and who can question her intent.

I work two jobs nearly everyday, a fulltime gig and some part time work helping out the family. As a working class Minnesotan, I find it extremely insulting that anyone could consider what Congresswoman Bachmann is doing in Washington and back here in Minnesota for her constituents (aka, campaign contributors) as hard work.

Wanna talk about dedication? Today is Gus Walz first birthday. His dad, Congressman Tim Walz is talking to constituents (people who support and oppose military action) about Iraq and Afghanistan in both North Mankato and Rochester today.

Congressman Walz is the epitome of dedication and hard work.

Our Congresswoman uses it as a punchline.


Check out the "Connecting with Government" Series, a set of open and public forums with Minnesota's Congressional delegation.

Noticeably absent from the list of those elected leaders who have engaged in the open, public format of these forums are Congresswoman Bachmann and Congressman Kline.

What are they scared of? Congressman Walz has the political courage to hold a forum in which someone who may not agree with him could be in attendance.

Our Congresswoman continues to be AWOL.

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