Sunday, October 21, 2007

Olson gains labor support in the 6th

I received an email that discusses some labor support for Bob Olson in the 6th CD. It's a pretty interesting read and shows that Olson's hard work across the 6th is starting to pay off.

Here are a few exerpts from the email.
In 6 CD we are faced with a fascist congressperson who was, in reality, narrowly elected in 2006. The DFL, after an extremely difficult and protracted struggle at the district convention, narrowly fielded Patty Wetterling as our candidate to run against Bachmann. Wetterling would have won, had it not been for a "so-called" Independent candidate and because of her advisors - an, of course, with her convention victory over Elwyn Tinklenberg who was put forward by the conservatives in the 6CD DFL and the AFL(cio) as their "best hope."

Now, he is being "recycled" as an "I told you so" candidate and his history with the "Independence Party" of the disastrous Ventura Administration who found the DFL "Jesus" is being put forward as making him "the candidate" for the 6CD - a "Hail Mary Pass" in the vernacular of the "couch potato." Needless to say, the same forces appear to be putting him forward as in 2006 and there is the added bonus rumored that the "Independence Party" will not field a candidate if the DFL embraces their Elwyn Tinklenberg!

Tinklenberg's work as Transportation Commissioner under Ventura will come under great scrutiny by Bachmann and her GOP handlers in 08. It's important for Democrats to realize this now...

The Olson campaign has picked up some significant momentum in the past months as Olson has traversed CD 6, meeting party activists, union members, elected officials, and many others, looking for the magic to defeat Congresswoman Bachmann.

Olson has delivered that magic. Whether it was in St Cloud the past week, or Cokato on Friday night, the combination of a powerful message, grassroots organization, and genuine demeanor have provided Olson with significant momentum.

Since then, I have gotten to participate in discussions with both Elwyn Tinklenberg and Bob Olson and have definitely have come to the conclusion that Bob Olson is the superior candidate who will best represent the working people of 6CD and who will stand on principles rather than compromise them away and he is running because he believes, as I do, that things need to change in Washington D.C. if they are ever going to change for the better in the 6 CD for working people and Minnesota, as a whole. I have found that he is not just another "politician" as he will respond directly and honestly to questions rather than obfuscations and or euphemisms in a plain speaking manner that is refreshing after all the flower and fluff that seems to be the "soup de jure" and is definitely interested in what we have to say - and not just appearing to do so as our "professional politicians" are won't to do.

Absolutely! Kind of like my mom at the meeting on Friday, Bob is straight, direct, and too the point. You know where Olson stands on the issues, and its appreciated as delegates and other party leaders across the 6th meet with him.

And the two things that would make a blue collar working person, like myself, "suspect," of him are actually attributes. His being a tax attorney and an independent banker make him uniquely qualified to address the fall out from the Bush tax cuts for the corporations and the wealthy and predatory financial system that has wrought havoc on working people over the course of the past 20 years - or so. He does understand "the system" as no other candidate in the 6CD does and is for fairness and positive change that would benefit the working people of the 6 CD.

And being a union member and a local union official, I, personally, will stand, outspokenly if necessary, in support of Bob Olson's candidacy over that of Elwyn
Tinklenberg as I believe that Bob Olson will better serve the interest of working people in the 6CD and Minnesota.

The letter was written by a local Postal Union leader and it highlights what makes Olson such an attractive candidate in the 6th. Not only is he a down to earth straight shooter, but his background as a Tax Attorney and a Banker provide him with subject matter expertise that Tinklenberg cannot touch.

He understands the tax crunch faced by working and middle class Minnesotans. He will be a strong voice in Washington for working and middle class Minnesotans!

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