Monday, October 15, 2007

Randy Demmer's per diem follies

Ollie Ox at Bluestem Prairie has a math problem for Rep Randy Demmer and his campaign staff to solve!

Indeed, Randy Demmer took per diem while he was is Washington DC at Camp Karl being indoctrinated into the right wing election tactics that led to the success of Michael Barrett, Alan Fine, Gil Gutnecht, and Mark Kennedy.

Dick Day, one of Demmer's opponents in the race to lose to Congressman Walz, waited until the end of session to attend Camp Karl. Day also took a significantly less rate as well, choosing to take $66 per day instead of the $96 per day maximum in the Senate.

Minority Leader in the House, Marty Seifert took the per diem on all 139 session days, including Martin Luther King Jr's birthday and the Easter week break.

As an old Infantry Platoon Sergeant, the phrase, "lead from the front" comes to mind here. I did everything I expected those I led to do.

I wonder what the fiscal conservatives who followed Seifert's lead to "toe the line" on taxes feel after they see he lacked the discipline to abide by the same fiscal conservative values he preaches from his bully pulpit?

I wonder if Rep Lynn Wardlow will shout Seifert down on the floor of the House, "Vote No Seifert!"?

I think I have the answer to Ollie's math problem though...

$77 a day= the price of Randy Demmer's integrity.

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