Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dassel Cokato School Levy passes

After a lot of good ole fashioned hard work, a school levy finally passed for the Dassel Cokato School District. Well organized phone banks were the key to success this time, in my humble opinion.

The levy passed by about 400 votes, despite Rep Dean Urdahl's lackadaisical support for it.
When asked if DC should pass an operating levy this fall, “To keep up, they probably should,” he replied.

For a former teacher and supposed supporter of education, his statement falls well short of a glowing endorsement.

Another line in the Enterprise Dispatch story caught my eye.
“I would support additional funding for education,” he said

Hmmm, Rep Urdahl said that before he flip flopped on Transportation too!

My work travels take me through numerous suburbs in the metro area. In the Robbinsdale / Crystal area yesterday, I not only saw the enormous "Vote No, Oppose the Waste" signs all over the city. I saw several smaller signs that were added that stated "Thank you for opposing the waste".

I had a discussion with a long time Republican friend on Tuesday night at our bowling league (Blueman does not roll on Shabbos) about the levy situation. While we found a some common ground, I felt like I was listening to Jason Lewis.

Anyway, while the 08 session is a bonding session, I do hope we can eventually restructure how we fund education in the state. The SC Times has another editorial today that highlights this.
Minnesotans need to elect legislators willing to make wholesale changes to the education system. That must include everything from taking the politics out of curriculum offerings and graduation standards to transitioning away from tenured teacher contracts and traditional school calendars.

Despite Urdahl's numerous terms in the majority and now one in the minority, he's done nothing to change this!

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