Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dick Cheney ruins Veterans Day

Live from Arlington National Cemetery.

Watched the changing of the guard and walked back to the buses.

Problem...Dick Cheney came.

An Army Staff Sergeant told everyone to freeze. Bluewoman and I obliged, since Cheney shoots anything that moves.

Buses were forced to stop, noone could move.

For 30 mins, I had no constitutional rights!

Thanks Dick...


DeborahSmith said...

Happy Veterans Day to you too!

And let me tell you that my heart absolutely breaks for you that you were "inconvienced" for a half hour. How dare Cheney along with the rest of America pause to honor the soldiers dead and alive who have sacrificed for this country.

Charley Underwood said...

Deborah Smith,

I believe you missed Blueman's point. The folks assembled were not told to freeze so that they could honor the dead. They were told to freeze because Dick Cheney was nearby.

Your confusion is quite common, actually. Lots of people think that they should be honoring AWOL George and "I've got better things to do" Dick. But really, the folks at Arlington are actually the ones who made the sacrifice. George and Dick just got the profits from the oil sales and from Halliburton contracts.

Blue man said...

Charley is right, you have obviously misconstrued the post. We, along with hundreds of others had paid our tributes when, because Dick Cheney was within miles of us, everything shut down.

It was quite the typical government situation though. The Arlington people had no idea what was going on, the Army people were telling everyone to freeze where they were, no movement whatsoever, even though I was a mile away from Dick, who unlike me, failed to serve his nation.

I'm sure the freezing was for our own good though, Cheney sure knows how to shoot!