Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Michael Barrett: Kicked off the righty blogosphere

Many thanks to our friend Ollie Ox for pointing this out!

Ah, the memories...

Parades in Litchfield, Glencoe, Silver Lake, and Stewart with big blue signs that said "Stop the Invasion."

Forums in Glencoe and Hutchinson where Barrett's platform was nearly 100% anti-immigration based.

Grandstanding at Ridgewater College to announce a "major policy statement" where he announced a plan for higher education that left higher education lobbyists, students, and faculty alike wondering what they had just witnessed.

Ah, the memories of our favorite "bat shit crazy" Congressional candidate not named Bachmann.

Former 7th Congressional District GOP candidate Michael Barrett has taken down his blog, Seventh Son, after he used content from another blog and failed to cite his sources.

May I say, I think Barrett's in the wrong party...or maybe not, the mix of elitism and clumsy stupidity make him perfect material for the upper echelons of the Republican Party Leadership...maybe Trent Lott will need an assistant in his new lobbying gig.

I've tried to get in contact with Barrett through various means for the past five days, I've also given the MN GOP notice that we have this story, have received confirmation they received the notice, and are looking into it. However, I think its best that people are made aware of Barrett's plagiarism, particularly because he may be running for the House again in 2008. We may as well put this story out there, because it'll be us, or it'll be the Left, and I'd rather we police our own.

Oh, and one last thing, should Barrett decide to scrub his blog if he finds he doesn't like unwanted attention, I've screencapped everything, so I'll post those as needed. Just let me know if he's done so in comments, and I'll post my screencaps.

True North gave Barrett the boot as well.

So, where does he stand with the Fred Thompson people now?
Fred Thompson's campaign announced the members of his Minnesota Steering Committee. Minnesota House Minority Leader Marty Seifert will serve as the honorary chairman and will lead the Thompson campaign in Minnesota. Other members of the committee include Rep. Tom Hackbarth, Margaret Cavanaugh, Mike Barrett and Kurt Daudt.

Marty Seifert heh?

I'm surely going to miss Seventh Son blogging about being ticked off with Governor Pawlenty for not appointing Scott Newman to a Judiciary position...that's for sure!

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