Sunday, November 18, 2007

Senator Coleman blows off Minnesota Farmers Union?

Ollie Ox over at Bluestem Prairie has the scoop!
Senator Coleman addressed a Saturday Farm Bureau convention lunch, but his staff apparently blew off repeated invitations by government relations director Thom Peterson to speak to MFU members.

Now, this wouldn't be much of an issue for the delegates since Coleman hasn't been to a MFU convention since he was elected to the Senate.

Except for one thing: a "Coleman for Senate" placard posted by the Four Points Sheraton on the Memphis meeting room, which is right across the hall from the large salon where hundreds of delegates met all day and where their banquet would be held that night. Delegates hoped that was a sign that Coleman would be speaking to them, but no. Coleman would be in the hotel for a fundraiser associated with another group (more on this in another post).

It's one of those campaign scheduling boo-boos that squanders an opportunity to create good will and to build upon work Coleman has done in the Senate.

So, Senator Coleman blows off one of most important advocacy groups in Minnesota for one of his fundraisers? I can't wait to see what Jack Nelson Pallmeyer and Mike Ciresi have to say about this one! Check out the rest of what Ollie Ox reports about the convention and Congressman Walz!

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