Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wounded Vets lose enlistment bonuses?

Think Progress has the scoop, and the story is absolutely insane.

Veterans who were discharged because they were wounded in Iraq and therefore unable to fulfill their "military commitment", have been ordered to return a portion of their enlistment bonuses?


"So Private Johnson...about that $4000 enlistment bonus we gave you a year ago...since you lost your left leg to an IED in Iraq and were unable to fulfill your obligation to the military, we are going to take $3000 of that bonus back from you. And by the way, we'll take the money back next month but it will take us 2 years to get your needs taken care of through the VA."

And this passes as "Support our Troops"?

What about some government oversight on all of the reconstruction and security contracts that have been overwrought with waste, fraud, and abuse?

This story makes me sick...


Byshguy said...

Hal, I agree this is disgusting and whatever pinhead beancounter made this decision ought to be fired wihtout his or her pension and signing bonus, see how they like it. But how do you connect this to "oversight on all of the reconstruction and security contracts ". You wouldn't be trying to score cheap political points by exploiting the mistreatment of our wounded, would you?

Blue man said...

Thanks Mike, I hope Korea is treating you well!

Why do things like this happen?

Why does it take months and sometimes years for a young Veteran to get access to their rightfully earned benefits?

Decisions like this are not made by a lowly Pentagon beancounter. My Brigade Commander over there at Camp Casey could not have made any of those decisions. Those decisions happen at a pay grade or politically appointed position that only a select few in our society reach.

As a limited government guy, I would think you would be a strong supporter of some accountability in our government and the said contracts that have wasted billions of taxpayer dollars in Iraq.

Cheap political points? As a Veteran I am used for cheap political points on a consistent basis.

How many billions have we wasted in Iraq? Government contractors being paid 5 times what I made on Active Duty to accomplish the same mission I was ordered to do.

It's wasteful Mike.

Go have fun in Itaewon man...stay away from the Soju though!

Byshguy said...

Hal, I've been meaning to go that bar you recommended but ya, I am in Itaewon and that's out in the sticks from my perspective, lol. Back to business, I'd be lying if I said I could answer why it takes so long and there are so many hurdles for our vets to get the money they deserve. And I agree that it was a mistake in Rumsfeld's plan to use so much contracting to augment the military. The contracts they signed have balooned to ridiculous proportions. But still, you can't just harp on it any time anything comes up in the news about the military. Anyway, send me your email address and I'll get you on my pictures and happenings list.