Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bob Olson is the Progressive Choice in the 6th

From Dave Mindemann at mnpACT!

I could not agree more, a progressive who can sway fiscal conservatives creates a win-win situation for the 6th.
Democrats have the majority and obviously are still learning how to use it. Sending more "fuzziness" to Capitol Hill is not going to help the progressive cause. That's why in District 6, progressives should understand the clear choice they have..... it is Bob Olson. This is not an endorsement, exactly, it is just an examination of the progressive facts.

The National and State party, as well as labor unions, are probably going to back Elwyn Tinklenburg. The popular line will be that he "fits the district". Maybe he does if you think more "fuzziness" is a requirement..... but fitting a district is not a qualification for office....and it certainly doesn't translate into adherence to principle.

And another key point that will hinder Elwyn Tinklenberg's chances in a 2008 General Election.
Elwyn Tinklenburg has a past that can be manipulated.

Indeed, there is a lot of dirt out there on Mr. Tinklenberg and Congresswoman Bachmann and the Rovian tactics she utilizes will use Tinklenberg's perceived strength in Transportation against him.
Elwyn Tinklenburg hasn't even engaged Bachmann yet. He seems to be waiting for the Democrats to "coronate" him.

Indeed, the anointing process has began...and there has been nothing progressive about it.

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