Tuesday, December 18, 2007

CD 6 Davis Bacon Act trivia

Our Final Jeopardy question of the night...

Which CD 6 candidate, while MnDOT Transportation Commissioner, had his department cited by the Legislative Auditor's Office for failing to fully comply with the Davis Bacon Act?

Cue the Jeopardy music Bluewoman...

Michele from Stillwater bet everything, wagering her $100 on the question and answered, "Who is Julie Quist?" Sorry Michele, you leave empty handed, and someday we'll answer your question.

Elwyn from Blaine bet everything as well, let's see your answer. Looks like time ran out on Elwyn and he did not answer the question. You also leave empty handed.

Bob from St Cloud, as long as you wagered less than $115,000 (what the Tinklenberg group was paid to support Phase I of the "Cambridge Corridor"), you will retain your title as Jeopardy Champion. Let's see your answer.

"Who is Elwyn Tinklenberg?"

Why correct Bob, and a bonus point to you for asking the question deep in the minds of voters across the 6th Congressional District.

The Legislative Auditor released a report in March 2001 highlighting an audit of MnDOT for the fiscal year ended June 30,2000.

One notation by the Legislative Auditor stood out to me (and Alex Trebek), on the heels of the labor endorsements in the 6th.

The department should verify that the federal Davis Bacon Act minimum wage
requirements are met. The report cited three state projects where payroll records were missing for some of the subcontractors. The audit report recommended that MnDOT obtain the missing payroll records and review the records for compliance with the minimum wage requirements.

Commissioner Tinklenberg had problems ensuring Davis Bacon Act minimum wage law requirements were met?

What would the rank and file labor members think of this little tid bit?

Once again folks, this comes down to the vetting of candidates. We can vet our candidates and find out all sorts of interesting things, most of which will be used by Congresswoman Bachmann and her cronies in the General Election.


We can close our eyes, cover our ears and pay no attention to the past and reality for that matter.

I learned a phrase in the Army that suits this situation.

"Stay alert, stay alive."

We'll remain vigilant...

Curious as to what else the Legislative Auditor found?

The department should improve controls over bridge paint blasting residue shipment.The internal auditors found that, for a state project with several bridges, MnDOT did not follow Minn. Rule Chapter 7045 when handling bridge paint blasting residue shipment.This finding was also reported in the last three MnDOT audit reports.

The department should improve controls to ensure compliance with certain environmental regulations found in Minn. Rule 7001.0150 and the federal Clean Water Act. The report cited improper disposal of materials on one state project. The internal auditors recommended that the department ensure that appropriate inspections are made and appropriate documentation is kept on the disposal of materials.

The department should revise its policies to ensure compliance with Minn. Stat. Section16C.05 regarding contractual payments. The report cited payments that were made on two state projects prior to the execution of supplemental agreements. This finding was also reported in the two previous audit reports.

The department should review its policies to ensure compliance with Minn. Stat. Section16A.124 regarding prompt payment. The report cited two state projects where incentive payments were not made within 30 days. This finding was also reported in the two previous audit reports.

The department should improve controls over concrete production reports and clarify concrete aggregate quality assurance testing requirements. The audit report cited three state projects with missing or incomplete weekly concrete reports.

The department should provide additional controls over bituminous production testing for state aid projects. The audit report cited one city project where testing was not done and recommended the department provide more supervision.

Stay tuned for another fun filled episode of CD 6 Jeopardy soon...

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