Saturday, December 22, 2007

Comment on "another interesting Startribune article"

Eric Z posted an interesting comment, interesting enough to merit front page exposure.


Blue Man, I find that repugnant. First, which MN 6 airport is he hyping, the one in Blaine? Where Wellstone took that flight? That is not a good place. It led to sorrow.

Beyond that, Tink brings home the Bacon, how's that for a campaign slogan. You are DFL, so you are going easy. Can you imagine Brodkorb and the mailings RNCC will be flooding the district with?Bacon/Pork/ graphics to go with it.And that contracting revolving door, you do know what Tink is doing now, don't you? Yup. Consulting for cash.

Jodie Ruehle - did you see that name show up in any stuff?Jodie is a Tinklenberg Groupie, a worker bee perhaps, perhaps bigger in the hive. But Tink contracts the cash, Jodie gets the appraisals, as in, J. Scott Renne, late appraiser for Community National Bank, for Ramsey Town Center work; and Jodie gets the Lake State Realty Services, Inc., to appraise buildings/land along US Highway 10. And Bruce Nedegaard is involved in that, and Jim Deal, and Brodkorb had his shot at Deal last election cycle. The failed Ramsey Town Center situation involved an RTC LLC, where the accountant/treasurer has already pled to a felony, and there's a lawsuit where defendants want to delay things because they have letters indicating they are potential targets of the feds.Nedegaard, dead, Renne, dead, Ramsey Town Center Dead. No wonder they're putting the county morgue there, all the death and stench.

So, you or any readers have any information about Jodie Ruehle? Jodie was involved in the pricing and sales for RALF money, of Highway 10 properties. One of the former Community National Bank people was reported as going to work for Jim Deal, and now may be a federal grand jury target; something like that, Dave Orrick is the Pioneer Press person who's reported a lot about the Ramsey Town Center. Lora Pabst now for Strib. Pat Tepoorten, for the ESM north end paper in North Branch.

What's to come of it? I do not know. A tempest in a teapot, or a big awful splat to come after the unions ramrod the Tink as DFL standard bearer? Tink should know. If it's even a chance to go splat, he should fall on his sword for the party. Step aside and let Bob Olson, the clean energy advocate carry the banner.

We wait. We see. In any event, that post was a great piece of coverage, Blue Man. Did you have to use the WayBack Machine? Or is it all still online via regular access?

I tried a Google of "Jodie Ruehle" and drew a blank. East Bethel City Council Minutes, Feb. 15, 2006. There have to be bigger footprints than that.


thetruth said...

So I am the first to leave a comment, suprising... Not really given the fact that you have no facts...

Give it up and do something worthwhile with your time...

Blue man said...

Yeah, this was a commment in response to the 5 part Strib series that took Tinklenberg to task for his time at MnDOT. Nice try, we have plenty of facts.

Check out the rest of the stuff on Tinklenberg and the Tink Group!