Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Hills are Alive...(Updated)

...with the Sound of Music.

Blueman's going to get some culture today. Imagine that, Blueman at a musical.

I wonder if Bluewoman will allow me to use her Blackberry to live blog it?

Probably not...

I doubt I'd get away with smuggling anything into the show either (Budweiser commercial).

After all, I do drag Bluewoman to a few DFL events and she smiles when her favorite US Senate candidate sits at our table (twice)'s time to take one for the team!

All kidding aside, I actually think this will be a good time!


Wow, it was an impressive show. The singing was amazing!


BlueWoman said...

You bet your sweet bippy you are going to enjoy it! If I can cheer at a St. Cloud Husky Hockey game or shake hands at a DFL event, you can watch people randomly burst out in song!!!

Berne said...

Glad you enjoyed it...I'm sure BlueWoman was very pleased you partook in the musical theatre experience