Friday, December 28, 2007

Olson LTE in the SC Times

Bob Olson, candidate for Congress in the 6th CD, was mentioned in a LTE in the SC Times today. Discussing Bachmann's recent no vote on the energy bill, a Clearwater resident said the following.

A news report in the Sunday St. Cloud Times quoted our congressional leaders on their opinions about the recent congressional session.

I found it interesting that Rep. Michele Bachmann claims that "Republicans kept a steady hand and we held together with the president" when she did exactly the opposite on the energy bill.

While not as good as it could have been, the energy bill signed by President Bush does mandate increased fuel efficiency standards and more use of biofuels.

Claiming that it is a "recipe for recession" and that there's "not one watt of new energy produced in this bill," Bachmann voted against it. Thankfully, she was in the minority, but it certainly makes one question her understanding of the energy situation in this country.

There is a candidate for the 6th District who has made it a priority to study alternative energy and its possibilities. He's businessman Bob Olson, and, according to his Web site, he wrote to Bachmann to share some very basic information with her before her vote.

However, she doesn't seem to want to look at new possibilities and would rather continue our dependence on foreign oil. It seems that bringing good jobs to this area while weaning us off foreign oil would be something folks in the 6th District would be interested in.

Bob Olson knows how to bring that possibility into a reality. Is Michele Bachmann really in tune with the people of her district?

The Tinklenberg website still makes no mention of "the issues", three weeks after their campaign manager announced it was supposed to be "updated"...

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