Monday, December 17, 2007

Political Muse takes off the gloves...

...and dishes out a verbal butt whoopin

Considering the antipathy with which this member treated myself and the blogging world at the St. Cloud State DFL debate, it comes as little surprise to me that he would make such statements. When I approached him at the debate to inquire about future events, his message to me was clear when he told me that bloggers would NOT be electing these candidates. This comment was allowed to pass and I moved along to the more important task of covering the debate.

Correct, bloggers will not "elect" these candidates. However, we will vet them as it appears to many of us that some candidates are simply being anointed by others.

It's quite obvious that the DFLer that attacked LLC wants "the other side" suppressed. He or she does not want you to know that Tinklenberg has "nuanced" his position, once again, on abiding by the endorsement.

Great work Political Muse! Don't let them get to you!

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Beyond Sound Bites and Headlines said...

Nice post Hal.

It should be pointed out that the majority of Bachmann news come from Dump Bachmann and bloggers like you.

Bachmanns Iraq/Iran gaff was brought to light by bloggers. I even call the Times after I heard the podcast that Larry did back in April to tell them that they had a story after her pod cast but was told by the Times that it was not a story any longer (a week after the pod cast). Dump Bachmann thought it was a story and printed the transcription I had done (thanks to Sue Rego) Then Eric Black thought it was a story and after he ran it the Times web server melted with over 100,000 hits. I’ve heard it was the 2nd biggest story behind the Viking “love boat” story.

DB has broke almost all of the Bachmann stories: They also broke Tinklenberg’s not running and then Running almost 2 weeks before anyone else. They broke Hill’s getting out of the race a month before he did. The Trib never did do a story on that one so if your getting your news from the Trib you still think Hill is running.

Liberal posted unedited video of the St. Cloud Forum. He had the best coverage of that event. Nobody else even came close.

Right now the only real news on this race is coming from you, Liberal and Dump Bachmann.

Thank you.