Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bill O' Reilly "on notice"

I typically listen to a little Ed Schultz during my workday. What I heard Friday morning literally brought tears to my eyes.

Schultz was talking about Bill O'Reilly's asinine statement that there were no homeless Vets and that the 200,000 figure cited by John Edwards was exaggerated.

A former Marine called in on Thursday from Golden, Colorado who was homeless and living in his car with his dog. He described in great detail the loss of his wife and daughter to a car accident and that he had essentially lost everything.

It was a heartbreaking story.

Friday morning, Schultz had reported that a group called "Marine Mom's" had located this homeless Veteran and provided him with some much needed support.

I gotta tell you, as a Veteran, it pains me to hear of these stories. I was rather teary eyed when I heard the response to this call for help.

Bluewoman and I were out in DC a few months ago. Coming up off of the McPherson Square Metro Station, I was stunned to see a large group of Veterans sleeping under the "protection" of the station entry. Literally, at least 5o Veterans were there, looking for help.

I soon came to realize that right outside the metro station was the Headquarters for the Veterans Administration.

It's a humbling experience to say the least. Bill O'Reilly is a tool...and is officially on notice!

Check out this amazing video from Brave New Films!

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