Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CD 3 news: A "new" Erik Paulson?

Two Putt Tommy at Mn Blue has the scoop!
Consider this: "Failed ideas and yearning for the past stand in the way of change. So do the politics of blame, division and partisan spin. Minnesotans are weary of this brand of politics." (emphasis added).

Say, Erik?


Especially in Eden Prairie, in Paulsen's home town. Paulsen's party's website is the epitome of blame, division, and partisan spin.

Gentle readers, that's the local GOP website that blamed the DFL and spun the per diem issue; that put Erik Paulsen (along with David Hann) in the position of: "Well, I voted against it, before I profited from it."

With Ashwin Madia gaining momentum everyday, this will be an interesting race to watch. I'd love to see a true progressive go at it with Mr Paulsen...

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