Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hillary Clinton trying to steal the election?

Interesting, posted at the CD 6 listserv as well, I am sure it will be met with strong resistance.

Hello All,

I want to call your attention to something rather ALARMING (but not surprising) that is happening presently. I'm writing this to all of you because I feel it needs further investigation and MAJOR exposure:

In much the same fashion that Bush & the RNC stole the Presidential elections in 2000 (Florida) & 2004 (Ohio), Clinton and the DNC are straight up stealing the Democratic Nomination in 2008. Now that Kucinich is out of the race there is no one to "keep them honest" (not that he had much luck getting the word out himself). If any of you have been following this sad excuse for a democracy, you may know that Obama has actually received the majority of the delegates from the 4 states that have voted (and had their delegates counted).

The current delegate breakdown is this: 63 - Obama / 48 - Clinton / 26 - Edwards (and yeah, I know that Clinton has more pledged superdelegates).So here's the deal (forgive me if I am going over material you already know here), the DNC punishes Michigan and Florida for pushing up their primary dates by stripping their delegates. As I understand it, the final decision to move the Michigan primary up falls to their governor who openly endorses Clinton repeatedly. The DNC tells candidates to remove their names from the ballot in Michigan. Obama & Edwards file to remove their names from the ballot, Clinton does not. The DNC then makes the Dem candidates pledge not to campaign in Michigan. The primary is panned by the press as "a beauty contest," it is written up as if there has been NO MICHIGAN DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY at all, only a Republican primary. Clinton gets 55% of the "vote" in the most economically devastated industrial state in the country. Voters CANNOT EVEN WRITE IN Obama or Edwards as they did not file to be write in candidates (what kind of fucking law is that?). They are urged by those two campaigns to vote "uncommitted." Uncommitted gets 40% of the vote.

Just days before the Florida contest (with Clinton leading the polls 2:1), where again the candidates have pledged not to campaign, Clinton begins to give speeches calling for the delegates from Michigan and Florida to be restored. Various Democrats who have endorsed Clinton are doing the same, throwing words like voter "disenfranchisement" around, now the DNC (and Clinton) have insured that her delegate numbers in these two states will far outweigh Obama's results (indeed in Michigan she could have a clean sweep of ALL of the delegates...). Tonight, after winning Florida, she will make a speech (from Florida) calling for the restoration of the Michigan and Florida delegates. She will make a big show of it, as if she is advocating for the voting rights of these people, when in fact it is the DNC and her own campaign that has systematically disenfranchised these voters. Any move by the Obama campaign to stop this process will be written up to implicate them (shady as their tactics have been) in taking away these people's right to vote.

The bottom line: Michigan has 156 delegates, Florida has 210.TWO AND A HALF TIMES THE TOTAL NUMBER OF DELEGATES FROM THE FIRST FOUR ELECTIONS/CAUCUSES.Clearly winning these two states with a handy majority will give Clinton an advantage that may be impossible to overcome.

I have no intention of voting for any of these bastards, BUT if the DNC and Clinton ARE stealing this election and no one is even going to point out the truth? Well, it's going to be A LOT HARDER TO MAKE ANYTHING STICK ONCE THEY ARE IN THE WHITE HOUSE FOLKS...

So WHAT are we going to do about it?

Peace - Thomas Gallagher

Here's a few links to articles about Clinton calling for the delegates to be restored:




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Cecilia said...

The DNC and the Clintons must not steal the nomination through some type of trick. There is a group circulating a petition: Campaign to Retain a Fair Nomination Process at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/556373523.

In addition, we should let the DNC know that we will not accept Hillary Clinton as the nominee if unfair tactics are used. We could threaten to vote Republican or even to leave the Democratic party altogether. I couldn't become a Republican, but I could become an Independent.