Saturday, January 26, 2008

John Kline supports bridges in Iraq but not in CD 2

The Hastings Star-Gazette has an interesting story.
Minnesota 2nd District Rep. John Kline, R-Lakeville, thinks the replacement of the Hastings bridge is a project with merit. Unfortunately though, Kline said that doesn’t matter very much when it comes to getting federal money earmarked for the bridge’s replacement.

Kline points to bills that paid for new lighting in a Los Angeles fashion district and a $200 million “bridge to nowhere” in Alaska as examples of projects without much merit being funded.

From Dump John Kline.
John Kline voted millions for Alaska's notorious 'Bridge to Nowhere' but won't vote to fund replacing Minnesota's I35 Bridge! Yes...John Kline who votes unlimited funding to built bridges in Iraq, won't vote to build bridges at home locally! Congressman John Kline has abandoned Minnesota, ceased to perform his duties, and is now a detriment to Minnesota.

Billions of dollars spent to build infrastructure in Iraq, all supported by Congressman Kline. It's also interesting to note that Kline cites the "bridge to nowhere" as an example. He voted for it!

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