Friday, January 18, 2008

mnpACT! disses Bachmann and Tinklenberg, praises Olson

And they should!

"Folks don't take extra hours or extra jobs for fun, congresswoman," said Olson in a statement. "They're trying to survive. If you got out and talked to real folks, not handpicked audiences, you'd realize that health care costs are soaring; that college tuition is beyond the reach of many deserving students; and that gas prices are putting a pinch on many families-resulting in higher prices at the grocery store." (From the Olson Press Release)

Mindeman responds:
Candidate Olson seems to understand that Minnesotans, who are part of the "workingest" class, are the ones that are handling his job interview. They are the ones who will decide whether Ms. Bachmann gets to continue to work for THEM. And they could very well decide that its time for the "President kisser" to be given an opportunity to hold down a few other jobs of her own.

Ms. Bachmann seems to have adapted to the Washington lifestyle a little too quickly. Working people are just part of the landscape.. they get her to her office, they shuffle her papers, they deliver her groceries, they print her Bibles, and they sell her those black dresses. They are not to be noticed....

Bob Olson gets it. Bachmann doesn't. But where's Elwyn Tinklenberg? I couldn't find any response from him. How would he weigh in? Last time I checked his website, he had no less than 20 different Union endorsements listed. If he truly represents their views, how could he allow Bachmann's swipe at the rank and file go unchallenged?

So, when working families in the 6th District ask, "Who will represent me?"

Bob Olson votes aye.
Michele Bachmann votes nay.
Elwyn Tinklenberg votes "absent".

Or as I have said before, Tinklenberg is simply asserting his rights under the 5th Amendment of Constitution, his right to remain silent.

While Olson is working hard to earn the endorsement of delegates across the 6th, it would appear as though Tinklenberg is simply relying on his name recognition and his pocketful of endorsements.

That will not get it done.

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