Thursday, January 17, 2008

SC Times I-94 LTE

An interesting LTE in the SC Times today.

Chris from Albany might be interested in knowing that Elwyn Tinklenberg has been lobbying to actually expand I-94 almost all the way to St Cloud. 6 lanes to Clearwater!
Highway 241 to Highway 25 $ 27.8 Construct to 8 lanes
Highway 25 to Highway 24 $59.0 Construct to 6 lanes
Improve local system $119. 3
I-494 to Highway 101 Construct to 8 lanes $60.9 Construct to 10 lanes $110.9
Highway 101 to Highway 241 $11.4

From the Albertville MN City Council 1/8/07 Workshop
City Administrator Kruse presented opening comments stating that the
purpose of the workshop was: to seek Council direction for an I-94 layout, which
staff will take to the I-94 Implementation Task Force; to ask the Council to
endorse this layout; and to seek Federal Funding. The Tinklenberg Group will
update the Council on their efforts obtaining Federal Funding, and discuss their
strategy for the 2007 funding cycle. SEH will review several layouts and seek
concurrence on a preferred layout. SEH will discuss associated cost to complete
a preliminary design or staff approved layout. Finally, the staff hopes to
understand the Council’s expectation on Albertville’s financial involvement and
share this with the I-94 Implementation Task Force.

Elwyn Tinklenberg stated an opportunity is coming in February for the
City and I-94 Task Force to submit a project for Federal Funding. Tinklenberg
emphasized that transportation funding remains very competitive and that due to
a lack of funds, MnDOT is pretty much in a maintenance mode. The people that are
the most successful are the ones that collaborate with multiple jurisdictions
and work together. Tinklenberg proposed a fee of approximately $3,000 per month
to promote the City’s project and keep it before decision makers.

For $3,000 a month, Tinklenberg and his merry men will keep a project that will reduce traffic congestion, but increase congestion in our lungs?

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