Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SOS Precinct Caucus Finder

To paraphrase Mercury Rising, "The Secretary of State Precinct Caucus Finder: So easy, even Michael Brodkorb can do it." (one click away from the SOS homepage)

Other bloggers have covered the unveiling of the new site as well, Across the Great Divide and Bluestem Prairie.

Brodkorb is caught once again embellishing a situation. While he takes great pride in taking shots at Mark Ritchie and others, it's always nice to see that Brodkorb is simply a tool. A tool that was yet again proven wrong.
What makes this even more hacktackular is that this week, Ritchie’s office came out with a new-and-improved caucus-finding tool, one so easy even a Brodkorb can do it, to paraphrase the GEICO ad. As Ollie notes over at BSP, it got rave reviews, too, even from Republican activist Sara Janacek.

This tool was obviously in the works for months, well before Carey’s Mouth o’ Sauron opened his trap about it last week. And Brodkorb, who is the GOP’s chair in State District 25 and thus would presumably be in the loop when it came to knowing basic elections information, should have known about it well beforehand, as Ollie points out (emphases mine):

So, um, yeah...about that map Mikey...

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