Monday, January 14, 2008

Tinklenberg on the Minneapolis-Duluth line

It's interesting seeing how two mainstream media publications portray the happenings with the Minneapolis-Duluth rail line.

From ABC Newspapers, an ECM Publishers paper, dated 3/21/2007.

In September 2006, the rail authority entered into a contract with consultant
The Tinklenberg Group to gauge interest among the counties on using the line
between Duluth and Minneapolis for intercity commuter rail service.

From the Startribune, dated 3/11/07; "Plan for rail service to Duluth gains steam; Proponents of a Minneapolis-to-Duluth passenger service link say they believe the route would be profitable this time around."

A divided Hennepin County Board voted two weeks ago to help fund a feasibility
study. And Anoka County gave a consulting firm run by Elwyn Tinklenberg, the
former state transportation commissioner, a $118,000 contract to push the

"Gauge interest" versus "push the concept".

It's an interesting choice of words by the writers.

Gauging interest would make it seem like Tinklenberg and his team went out and polled potential users and business owners, determining whether or not the line would be prudent.

Push the concept would make it appear as though Tinklenberg and his team went out and sold potential users and business owners on the proposed rail line.

For $118,000, I doubt that "gauging of interest" would suffice.

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