Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bill O'Reilly snubs homeless Vets

Think Progress has the scoop.

Yesterday, several homeless veterans rose to this challenge, protesting outside O’Reilly’s office. MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann reports that O’Reilly “cold shouldered” the veterans and “did not even have the courage to meet them”:

Instead, a producer asked the woman, whose group provides transitional housing for 83 vets, whether they have an appointment. … The producer took them into the lobby so our cameras could not get a shot of him accepting their petition with 17,000 signatures. … Instead of meeting with those veterans, O’Reilly had [staff] tell the vets group, please leave a message, somebody will get back to you.

O'Reilly talks out one side of his mouth, that the 200,000 homeless Veteran quote is highly exaggerated, states he will help homeless Veterans if they can find some, then snubs them when they confront him.

Now that's compassionate conservatism!

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dan said...

If you care about homeless veterans, check out the film WHEN I CAME HOME at:

It's a doc that focuses on several iraq vets who end up homeless in new york city after returning from combat.

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