Saturday, February 16, 2008

Eric Z: Who is Bob Olson?

Eric Z has a nice post up about Olson, including one of his lit pieces.

It's a good question. While Elwyn starts many of his stump speeches with, "you know me" (which I strongly dispute), Olson ought to start off with, "I know you".

As a community banker, he understands the struggles of working and middle class Minnesotan's, as they struggle to buy houses and pay for college.

Olson is the only candidate in the race that's helped people do that.

As a tax attorney, Olson understands the complicated mess that is our tax system. He understands how working and middle class Minnesotan's are being abused by a system to perpetuate the wealth of a few, and the struggles of many.

He gets it!

As a sustainable energy advocate, he understands the importance of shifting from a petroleum based based economy to a renewable/sustainable energy economy. A shift of these proportions stands to create thousands of quality union jobs throughout the 6th, while adressing the issues around global warming and the environment.

Olson understood the reality of the war in Iraq from the start and opposed the war, unlike Elwyn Tinklenberg who "would have voted for it based on the information available at the time."

Sorry, but as a Veteran myself, I cannot buy that excuse. Olson will work to aid our returning Veterans. His opponent, Michele Bachmann, uses them for political fodder.

We ought to look beyond the issues though. I want a person representing me that is consistent. Someone who does not waver in the strong political winds blowing through the 6th CD. I want a candidate with a backbone.

Sadly enough, Elwyn Tinklenberg is not that candidate.

Bob Olson, you may not know him yet, but trust me, he knows you!

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