Sunday, February 03, 2008

Soldier suicides

Another haunting figure that shows the failed Iraq War policy.
According to Army statistics, the incidence of U.S. Army soldiers attempting suicide or inflicting injuries on themselves has skyrocketed in the nearly five years since the start of the Iraq war.

Last year's 2,100 attempted suicides -- an average of more than 5 per day -- compares with about 350 suicide attempts in 2002, the year before the war in Iraq began, according to the Army.

The figures also show the number of suicides by active-duty troops in 2007 may reach an all-time high when the statistics are finalized in March, Army officials said.

Once again, the short sightedness of supporting this flawed Iraq policy. Whether you voted for this war because you thought it was right or if you voted for it "based on the information available at the time", 5 soldiers a day are trying to kill themselves, a 5 fold increase since the war has began.

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