Friday, February 01, 2008

Tinklenberg around the blogs

Over the past several days, the blogosphere has blown up on news with Elwyn Tinklenberg.

We have the letter of inquiry into his lobbying/consulting work...

Covered at Developers are Crabgrass, Two Putt Tommy at Mn Blue, and me.

Developers are Crabgrass added a discssion of the "forgotten communities" of the Tinklenberg Group.

Then the FEC reports came out!

I wrote about Elwyn's enormous amount of PAC money he is taking, as did Eric Z.
With that PO box in DC, it is hard to tell which valley, eh?

Money from Steve Bosacker, he was a Ventura administration man, now on the Board of the PACT school that got located on the blighted land, at Ramsey Town Center. That blighted land thing, Cairns the lawyer brought that approach up. The Kurak + other Town Center site land -- blighted? Huh? It was a cornfield Al Pearson's family planted and perhaps harvested, I remember the crop left standing but the green acres status protected before big thinking about a Town Center. Cairns used a statute apparently originally intended for rehabilitation of blighted land. That was back in 2003, just after Kuraks and Nedegaard closed, the blighted land thing was used for the bonding arrangements of PACT school, courtesy of lawyer Cairns.

Other Tinklenberg individuals -I see, Oakton, Virginia.

I see, Falls Church, Virginia.

I see, St. Paul.

One guy from Briggs & Morgan, the Cairns law firm.

The Oakton, Va. guy, occupation, Lobbyist.

More attorneys it looks like than ordinary folks. We could tell a lawyer joke for each and would we run out of jokes, or donors first?

Big time bucks, Jim Deal, NAU Insurance, blogged before as a Town Center mover shaker, involved in some Highway 10 land where Bruce Nedegaard was in title, the RALF buyout arranged by Tinklenberg Group, but ...Different story.Leave it for now -

President, Robert Muir Company, Eden Prarie, MN. Gotta get my Sixth District map out, find that town, where it is in the district.

Two in a row from Edina.Tom Gump. Involved in the dealings where Tinklenberg was registered lobbyist, Hassan [whatever] LLC, the Hassan Township - Rogers - Dayton joint program for an I-94 interchange to assist the Stone's Throw development, Gump's firm's client's deal. A Beard Group friend of Tinklenberg Group. Groups of a feather must flock together.

Interesting indeed. Lots and lots of money from outside the 6th. Definately the polar opposite of a grassroots campaign!

Eric Z has a few more posts up about the FEC report...

And last but not least, Political Muse comes in and ties everything up in a nice and neat bow...
I encourage everyone to check Blue Man out because he has a fantastic ability to expose the weaknesses of the candidate (Elwyn Tinklenberg) in this race that is getting a free ride to nomination from the party bosses and outside interests over those of us living in the district who would like a principled candidate (Bob Olson) with far less baggage and a better message. Beyond these issues of dishonesty, one need only look at the effort these two men have put into this race. Bob Olson is tirelessly putting out his message while we hear little or nothing from the Tinklenberg campaign.

It won't get any better anytime soon for Elwyn either...

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