Friday, February 29, 2008

Tinklenberg money flowing from Ramsey

Eric Z at Developers are Crabgrass has the scoop...and it's a big one!

So, Elwyn Tinklenberg leaves MnDOT in October 2002. By January 2003, he's lobbying MnDOT and other Transportation groups for Ramsey?
Federal "park and ride" grant dollars due Ramsey were being "frozen" by MnDOT, but with the consultancy set up officials then felt the impound would be released within a week, or at least MnDOT would be approached about it by the good mayor within a week. This was federal money previously under MnDOT jurisdiction, and the role of Tinklenberg in securing the money for Ramsey before leaving the agency, or in the interim, is unclear. The contract offer under Elwyn Tinklenberg's signature stated services rendered at $200/hr included, "Arrange a meeting with State transportation officials to clarify status of planning and schedule related to TH # 10," i.e., approaching the agency he had just left, where he was lead highwayman, and presumably arrangments so arranged by him at $200/hr might have involved park and ride fund unimpounding. I could not say, and I bet there's a scant paper trail if any.

Interesting. $200 per hour to lobby State transportation officials in the agency he resigned from months beforehand.
Now, with a total of over $840,000 having been disbursed from Ramsey to Tinklenberg Group from Jan 2003 onward, (some reimbursed to Ramsey from other public monies, but still it's public money from taxes being paid, since only the federal treasury prints money). And over $320,000 was cash squeezed from Ben Dover and others out here, unreimbursed from any other bigger tax cash pool.

$840,000 from Ramsey! Were not even talking about his other rail work or work in Elk River, Otsego, Dayton, Albertville, etc.

No wonder he can afford salmon, yellow potatoes, sauteed spinach and bread pudding! I had Hamburger Helper that night...and the next.

Elwyn is a million dollar lobbyist! At least, he's not registered at the Federal level as one.

So as we move closer and closer to Senate District and County Unit conventions the question begins to loom larger.

When will Elwyn Tinklenberg come forward and disclose his lobbying work? Will it be before the conventions so that delegates are able to properly vet the candidates? Will it be after an endorsement, which may result in the GOP using Elwyn's shady ties and past against our party?

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